Patient Feedback

At Neurological Physiotherapy we work with a wide range of neurological conditions or presentations. As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining our high standards, we aim to regularly gain feedback from our clients about the services we offer. This enables us to keep improving the services available.

Below are just a selection of reviews from our patients after receiving treatment at our clinics or exercise classes.

You celebrate my achievements

I am 100% happy with the treatment I receive at your practice and actually look forward to coming! Everybody is so professional and welcoming. I always feel that you are all genuinely excited to see my improvements and to help me on my journey. I genuinely feel like I have made new friends, that offer support and guidance whenever needed and make sure the sessions are fun too! I am grateful for the homework as it keeps me motivated and keeps my mind focused.
Thank you

I am being constantly challenged to make improvements

The positive energy I get every session is amazing and I love that every session is different,  challenging me in different ways. It’s easy to book sessions and they’re always at convenient times around work when necessary. My progress has been upwards constantly, which shows I’m being challenged in the right way. The coordination with the hospital physio is really good, as well as exercises given to do at home.
Thank you

I have benefitted greatly from the on-line classes

I would just like to say that I have benefitted greatly from the on-line classes. My balance and general fitness have definitely improved, especially whilst shielding. As a non-driver, I find the on-line sessions to my advantage and I am more inclined to attend the sessions. As a group we have interacted more over the past couple of months. Long may these enjoyable on-line sessions continue.”

Movement I have now after spinal surgery

I have found the Thursday morning Balance Class run by Stephanie very helpful in helping me retain the reduced balance and movement I have now after spinal surgery.  She has encouraged us all to try and do further exercises which in the present time with no face to face classes we would not have been able to try or do. The classes have I believe, kept the group taking part all very positive and given us also an opportunity to see and speak to other participants in the class. Thankyou.

These classes are a lifeline for me

Those in the class have differing problems to contend with, so the test for Stephanie is how she deals with this in devising activities that provide as much as possible for each of the participants. Stephanie does this supremely well and devises a mix of exercises each week that never is just repetition but incorporates variety that is stimulating and helps one to feel that progress is being made for each of us. A deal of the benefit, – apart from the physical aspect, – is the psychological boost that being with a group with shared experiences brings. That is irreplaceable and, I find, brings strength and optimism in place of weakness and self – doubt through isolation.  Stephanie also provides the maximum use of the time together that her careful planning beforehand gives.  At the end of each session I feel a happy state of semi -exhaustion !!!!

Essential for maintaining some degree of mobility and flexibility

I have found the class essential for maintaining some degree of mobility and flexibility. It also allows me some contact with my fellow classmates who add some humour to our situations. I should also say that my natural laziness is overcome by the class and the need to do the essential exercises. Thank you, Kellie.

We find the online classes very good

Kellie is very attentive to the needs of each individual and willing to speak one-to-one if needed after the classes.  We hope you will be able to continue with them until we can return to normal!

Yes, I find the classes helpful both physically and mentally

Physically because I believe they are helping in maintaining my balance and muscle tone.  In the classes, I find the balancing exercises difficult, but feel that when this is combined with the added problem of having to look away from the feet, then this is when I start to totter a bit – give it time! I admit to being tired at the end of a session but strangely enough, for some time afterwards, my gait improves, and my slight stoop straightens out a bit. All in all, I feel that your efforts are beneficial. For these reasons, I look forward to the class next week and future classes.

The online physio sessions have been brilliant

Steph has focused on my specific needs around movement, balance, and co-ordination. Steph has delivered the sessions in a really friendly manner. The sessions have been really enjoyable and have boosted my confidence and kept me motivated on the stroke recovery.

Customer Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

The results below are from January 2020 for patients receiving physiotherapy treatment.

How likely are you to recommend Neurological Physiotherapy to a family member, friend or colleague?

  • Very likely 29
  • Likely 4
  • Unlikely 0
  • Very unlikely 0

How involved did you feel in the decision making about your treatment plan?

  • Very involved 25
  • Involved 8
  • Uninvolved 0
  • Very uninvolved 0

Overall how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the treatment you received from Neurological Physiotherapy?

  • Very satisfied 29
  • Satisfied 4
  • Unsatisfied 0
  • Very unsatisfied 0

Do you have a specific comment or feedback for Neurological Physiotherapy?

  • Great Physio
  • Amazing, could not live without you
  • I feel very supported and motivated, I trust the whole team
  • They are all excellent and have helped me immensely. I am even writing this as they helped me remember how to write
  • Treated with empathy. They helped me to see a way forward
  • Thank you for treating me over the years with my chronic pain. I can’t imagine life without physio as it helps me so much
  • Keep up the good work
  • I am very satisfied with all my treatment. I feel a few more sessions would help my confidence
  • Staff are cheerful and encourage self-help and keep me motivated
  • Treatment always very beneficial
  • Very caring
  • Carla is great
  • Excellent service. Very friendly staff always helpful
  • 10/10
  • Fantastic results from experienced physios
  • Getting benefit from my treatment
  • Always helpful and supportive in treatment with lots of different options available
  • We are treated by Kellie. She is very skilled and excellent at motivating. The reception team are always helpful and accommodating with appointments
  • Car park sometimes busy
  • Can you warm the blankets?