Neurological Physiotherapy

Exercise Programmes : Cardio

Exercise Programme Cardio

These exercises can be done in 60 second sets, aim to be a little out of breath but still able to speak/talk. Exercises can be done in sitting or in standing depending on your level of balance. Please monitor your condition as you proceed through the exercises. If you feel lightheaded or dizzy, STOP exercising and rest.



Swing your elbows and bring your knees up high. Make sure you are moving the opposite arm and leg. Keep your chest high.

Marching standing 1
Marching standing 2
Marching standing 1
Marching standing 2

Sit to stands

With control go from sitting to standing. Use you hands if needed and if you find getting up difficult, try standing from a higher chair.

Sit to stand 1
Sit to stand 2
Sit to stand 3
Sit to stand 1


Rotate through your trunk as you punch forward and try to keep your elbows in close to your sides as you draw them back in.

Boxing seated 1
Boxing seated 2
Boxing standing 1
Boxing standing 2

Cross Kicks

Kick across your body as if doing the Can-Can.

Cross kick seated 1
Cross kick seated 2
Cross kick standing 1
Cross kick standing 2

Fast Feet

On your tip toes, run on the spot as fast as you can. Keep the top half of your body still. Try not to lift your feet too high.

Fast feet seated 1
Fast feet seated 2
Fast feet standing 1
Fast feet standing 2