Case Study 3

66 years old with 8-year history of PD

Pt PM 66years old with 8-year history of PD. Normally active with badminton and ballroom dancing and weekly face to face PWR moves exercise class at NP.

Referred in July 2020 with reduced speed of walking, issues with being able to do exercises and difficulties getting in and out of bed as a result of reduced activity during Covid 19 lockdown.

Attending weekly PWR PD classes at NP via zoom during lockdown.

Assessed on 21/7/20 and posture noted to be moderately flexed (occiput to wall 10cm) with increased flexor activity within neck and upper thorax.

Treatment included soft tissue release and additional exercises (to PWR moves) to release tight tissues. A review of exercises in class with emphasis on reaching end range into extension of large amplitude activities was also done.

Pt was sent home with extended Home Exercise Programme. Reviews were made in August and September where modification to HEP was made. In September patient reported better mobility and easier ability to do exercises. Pt could get occiput to wall.

Last issues were speed of walking-could not keep up with family (when could before Covid lockdown) so sent home with interval training programme to increase speed and stamina. Due review in October and anticipate DC from 1-1 sessions but will continue with online zoom classes.

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