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Neurological Physiotherapy is a team of highly specialised physiotherapists who will ensure that you receive the best possible treatment and support for your condition. Please view our team profiles below.

Claire Laverty: Clinical Lead




Claire qualified in 1986 from Adenbrooks Hospital, Cambridge and has been specialising in Neurology since 1989.

Claire set up and developed Neurological Physiotherapy to provide outstanding care for patients with long standing Neurological conditions for patients in Greater Manchester.

Claire is a Bobath trained therapist and a specialist in myofascial release. She is particularly interested in treating complex neurological conditions including headache and migraine.




Carla Horricks: Lead in Outpatient and Community Services






Carla joined Neurological Physiotherapy in 2006. She has worked in both the NHS and private sectors. Carla works with complex Neurological and musculo-skeletal conditions and leads the Paediatric service within the clinic. She is qualified in the treatment of acupuncture and  provides Pilates classes for neck and lower back pain.

She is the Expert Practitioner for the Headaches and Migraine and is the lead in clinic and community services.

Megan Knowles-Eade: Lead in Inpatient Services







Megan qualified from Keele University in 2007 and  joined Neurological Physiotherapy in 2008.  She has completed Bobath, Myofascial and soft tissue courses. She has a special interest in Brain Injury and works in extended rehabilitation units in Liverpool. She is the Expert Practitioner for brain injury.

Megan is the lead in Liverpool community services.

Kimberley Toulson: Practice Manager

Kimberley joined Neurological Physiotherapy in October 2017 as our practice manager.

Prior to joining NP Kim worked within the retail sector of various fashion businesses in London.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kimberley with any queries you have either by telephone on 0161 491 4151 or email

Jordan Barnett: Receptionist


Jordan joined Neurological Physiotherapy in January 2018 as our receptionist.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jordan with any queries you have either by telephone on 0161 491 4151 or email

Ross Bailey




Ross qualified from Sheffield Hallam University in 2013 and joined Neurological Physiotherapy shortly after. Ross has completed Bobath and soft tissue courses. Ross has a particular interest in the roll of balance and vestibular rehabilitation in neurological treatment. Ross assists the expert practitioner in Parkinson’s Disease and supports the clinic’s weekly Parkinson’s exercise class.


Karen Belfield




Karen qualified as a physiotherapist in 1999 and specialised in neurological physiotherapy in 2001.  She has spent time working on a stroke unit and in neuro-outpatients.  She has completed the 3 week basic bobath course and had done an advanced Bobath course.  She has a keen interest in treating patients  following a stroke and in treating complex neurological presentations.

Tina Betts




Tina qualified from Salford School of Physiotherapy in 1989 and has worked with adults and children with neurological conditions since 1991. Tina has completed an Advanced Adult Bobath course and in recent years has developed a special interest in Myofascial Release. Tina has experience in Physiotherapy treatment post cancer rehabilitation and chronic fatigue.


Ryan Davies

Ryan joined Neurological Physiotherapy in 2018 as a Physiotherapy Assistant.

Prior to working at NP Ryan has worked in a rehab setting with a variety of clients with complex neurological conditions.



Joe Edwards




Joe joined Neurological Physiotherapy in 2015 to work as a therapy assistant for our Liverpool services. He qualified from Salford University in 2017 and has continued to work for NP as a Physiotherapist.  Joe has a special interest in brain injury and learning difficulties and sports massage.

Lynda Eveson

Lynda qualified in 2011 from the University of Birmingham, working predominantly in the NHS until joining Neurological Physiotherapy in 2015. Lynda has completed several Bobath courses, yoga for beginners, kinesiology taping and is qualified in acupuncture.

Lynda is particularly interested in paediatrics and young adults with neurological conditions as well as complex musculoskeletal conditions.

Dom Gandy

Dom joined Neurological Physiotherapy in September 2016 as our receptionist. He then decided to change career and train to become a Physiotherapist. He is currently studying at Salford University and works part time as our Physiotherapy Assistant.


Dawn Herron

Dawn joined Neurological Physiotherapy in 2018 as a Physiotherapy Assistant.

Dawn has returned to Physiotherapy after a career break, prior to which  she worked in various specialties including Orthopaedics and Neurology.

Stephanie Ingham




Stephanie qualified from Sheffield Hallam University in 2014 and joined Neurological Physiotherapy shortly after. Stephanie has completed the introduction to Bobath concept, has gained a qualification in taping and strapping and a Level 3 Sports Massage Diploma.

Stephanie uses her musculoskeletal and sports injury knowledge to assist in treating neurological patients, in particular neurological shoulder pain.

Stephanie has a particular interest in health and fitness assisting in the exercise class ran by the clinic.

Stephanie is the assistant to the Expert Practitioner in Multiple Sclerosis.

Lesley Jones

Lesley joined Neurological Physiotherapy in 2014.

Lesley worked in Glan Clwyd from 1983 as a physiotherapy assistant within the arthrosplasty team and has a wealth of experience as a therapy assistant.

Lesley has basic and advanced qualifications in Swedish massage and especially enjoys treating complex pain presentations and myofascial dysfunction.

Sally Jones




Sally graduated from Manchester school of physiotherapy in 2000 she has specialised in Neurology for the last 13 years. From 2006 to 2016 Sally worked as the lead physiotherapist on the acute and hyper acute brain injury rehab unit at Salford Royal, managing individuals with complex presentations in a variety of neurological conditions, acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury. This also included providing physiotherapy for individuals with tracheostomies and cognitive and behavioural difficulties.  Sally has completed course in the Bobath concept and utilises techniques from training in Pilates, myofascial release, kinetic control and kinesio taping.

Joseph Laverty




Joseph qualified from Salford University in 2014. He is trained to level four sports massage therapy and is currently undergoing a Masters Degree in Advancing Physiotherapy. He is currently conducting medical research into the effects of physiotherapy techniques on headaches and migraine. He has a keen interest in disorders of the neck and pelvis.

Andy McVittie

Andy joined Neurological Physiotherapy in 2016 to work as a therapy assistant for our Liverpool services.
He is currently studying for a Physiotherapy degree at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Ceri-Lynne Morton




Ceri-Lynne qualified from Sheffield University in 1994. She worked for 20 years in Salford Royal NHS trust specialising in neurological rehabilitation in both the acute and community setting. Ceri-lynne has completed many post graduate courses including advanced Bobath courses, motor control (masters module), vestibular rehabilitation and soft tissue courses. She enjoys treating a wide range of neurological conditions and patients with complex presentations.

Ceri-Lynne joined Neurological Physiotherapy in 2016.

Ceri-Lynne is the Expert Practitioner in Multiple Sclerosis.

Nikki Owen


Nikki joined NP in 2017 as our specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist.

Nikki has a wealth of experience providing one to one physiotherapy treatment sessions, assessments and reports for children and young adults.

Nikki’s areas of speciality include Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT), CP, developmental delay, newborn conditions such as torticollis and plagiocephaly and pre/post SDR rehabilitation.

Kellie Pike




Kellie qualified as a physiotherapist from University of East London in 1997, and worked in the NHS in London and Manchester for 17 years specialising in neurology. Kellie started work at Neurological Physiotherapy in 2014. Kellie is Bobath trained and has experience in treating a variety of neurological conditions. Her special interest lies in treating patients following Stroke and is our Expert Practitioner in Stroke.

Rachel Rutley




Rachel qualified from the University of East London in 1991. She worked in both the NHS and private sectors before joining Neurological Physiotherapy in 2010.

Rachel is Bobath trained and uses this approach in conjunction with other approaches she has studied including kinetic control and myofascial release. Rachel has a particular interest in the management of progressive conditions and works to enable her clients to function optimally with difficult and challenging presentations.

Rachel is the Expert Practitioner for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders and trained as a PD Warrior instructor in 2015, with the first group trained in the UK. She also trained as a PWR Moves instructor in September 2017, which is a total exercise and treatment programme for Parkinson’s using a simple and highly effective approach. It is based in the US and was developed by eminent physiotherapists in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Rachel is a strong advocate of the benefits of exercise for People with Parkinson’s Disease and leads our PD Power exercise class in Cheadle.

Rebecca Salt




Rebecca Qualified in 1990 from Manchester Royal Infirmary School of Physiotherapy.

She began specialising in Neurology in 1993 working in both the NHS and independent sectors.

Rebecca completed her Basic and advanced Bobath courses and has continued to develop her skills based on the Bobath concept.  She has a clinical interest in Stroke but also treats all other Neurological conditions. She also has a particular interest in treatment of the upper limb post Stroke and has completed her CIMT training in relation to this.

She joined the team at Neurological Physiotherapy in 2012 and assists the Expert Practitioner for Stroke.

Shirley Steele

Shirley qualified in 1986 from Newcastle and has specialised in Neurology since 1990.

Shirley qualified as a craniosacral therapist in 1997 and has a particular interest in treating the pelvis and sacrum.
She is a Bobath trained therapist and has completed many post graduate courses relating to the Bobath approach, Neurology and myofascial release.
She enjoys treating patients with complex neurological conditions, with a keen interest in treating post stroke, particularly upper limb recovery and MS patients.



Bram Tynan




Bram has worked at Neurological Physiotherapy since 2010 as a physiotherapy assistant and qualified member of staff since his graduation from Salford in 2012.

He has a keen interest in treating patients following brain injury. Bram has completed his introductory Bobath modules and a number of professional development courses focusing on myofascial release and functional rehabilitation in neurology.

Wendy Walker




Wendy qualified in Manchester in 1984. Wendy treats a variety of complex presentations, specialising in facial palsy, women’s heath, vestibular rehabilitation, post stroke and brain injury including difficulties with cognition. Wendy assists the Expert Practitioner in brain injury.  

Wendy delivers lectures and workshops around the UK on various aspects of Neurological Physiotherapy, including treatment of facial palsy, vestibular rehabilitation, and EMG biofeedback.


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